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Malic and Adam - Darlington’s Greatest Ever Bromance

Malic is an 18 month old Staffordshire bull terrier who came into Dogs Trust after he was found as a stray. He can be a very sensitive boy and shy with new people but once he gets to know you he really comes out of his shell. With his canine carers Malic is an absolute bundle of energy and loves a cuddle and playtime.

Adam has spent a lot of time with Malic and the pair have developed a great bond, which fellow canine carers have jokingly termed a “bromance”. Not since Tom Hanks & Beasley starred in the movie Turner & Hooch in 1989 has there been such a great partnership and bond between man and dog.

Malic’s favourite way to spend a day is to go for a long walk, play with a soft squeaky toy then cuddle up on the sofa with his humans. Malic and his canine carer Adam get on like a house on fire and Malic has been for sleepovers quite a few times and he is a great house guest. The pair have been out to the beach together and on walks in the countryside. They even spent Christmas Day evening and New Year’s Day night together. Adam has done lots of training with Malic and really turned him into a star pupil. Malic is now clicker trained and new skills that he has learned include sit, down, weave and spin.

Adam said “Malic is the best friend you could ever have; he’s great company and a buddy for all activities. Malic is house trained and makes a great house guest; in fact I really love this lad. I hope that his special someone spots him really soon and he begins the next phase of his life in his forever home. I will miss him terribly but to see him rehomed will be just amazing.”

Malic absolutely loves his toys, food and tasty treats so this would be a great way into his heart. He meets dogs nicely when out on a walk but would prefer to be the only pet in the home. For more information on Malic see his profile.