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Foster Carer/Volunteer Evening

Applying to become a volunteer or foster carer with Dogs Trust can open a door to the unknown. It is not an easy task to dedicate your own free time and resources to house, walk or care for a dog, especially if it was originally a stray.

Dogs Trust Darlington opened their doors this week to all of their amazing and caring volunteers to say a big thank you for all of their hard work. Without their support the centre would find it very difficult to operate on a daily basis and we have been able to rescue a lot more dogs with their continued support.

A mix of about 25 volunteers and foster carers arrived at the Darlington Rehoming Centre this week for a ‘thank you’ get together and information evening.

The roles of Volunteer Coordinator and Home from Home Coordinator have only been filled in the past few months by Leigh Raw and Natalie Waller at the centre.

The purpose of the evening was for the volunteers and foster carers to be thanked for supporting the new roles as they have been settling in. There was also a presentation by our Training and Behavioural Advisor, Sharon Boult on reactivity, enrichment and loose lead walking which everyone found very useful.

Centre manager Sue Embleton who opened the evening commented “Volunteers are vital in helping us to care for so many dogs whilst finding their forever homes. Exciting building works are due to start next year, bringing the centre right up to date and we will need their help more than ever during that time

The evening seemed to be a great hit and hopefully even more people will be bale to attend the next event on the calendar for the volunteers and foster carers which will be a Christmas function.