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Can You Give BFF’s Keira and Tara Their Dream Home?

Keira and Tara recently came into Dogs Trust Darlington rehoming centre due to their owners’ ill health. Kiera had been in the family home for 4 years since being a young puppy and Tara joined her 3 years ago. Now aged 4 and 13 respectively the girls are best friends who are inseparable and are therefore looking for a new home together.

The girls are not the biggest fans of kennel life and would much prefer to be settled in a new home. Both of the girls love interaction with people and give great hugs and will actively seek out attention. They are house trained, can be left for short periods of time and can live with children aged 12 and over.

Their happy personalities and staffy smiles are infectious and they cannot fail to brighten up even the dullest day. We are sure that you will agree their wish-list is not too extravagant, they would love

  • Cuddles on demand
  • A comfy bed or two to snooze in
  • Some toys to play with
  • A garden to have fun in
  • Walks together as they are both still active

If you can put a tick against all of the above and would enjoy being on the receiving end of lots of affection these girls could be just the ones for you. To find out more check out the web profiles for Tara and Keira or contact the centre on 01325 333114.