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Barkley and Shane’s Day Out to Hardwick Park

At Dogs Trust Darlington we have dogs of all shapes & sizes, ages and personalities waiting for their special someone to come along. Some dogs who come into the centre like to constantly play and love the companionship of other dogs all day long; whilst others prefer a more quiet life and to have walking buddies whilst keeping their kennel space to themselves.

Two dogs who are walking companions are Barkley an ex racing greyhound and Shane a terrier cross. The two who make an unusual looking pair, definitely “little and large” have developed a unique friendship. Recently the boys had a great time on a visit to Hardwick Park with their carers for a change of scenery. The park has woodland, paths, follies and a lake all of which the boys loved investigating. The lake proved far too tempting for Shane even in January, he jumped straight in for a swim much to the amazement of Barkley who really couldn’t believe just what he was seeing.

Shane is a shy boy to start but once he has made friends he loves your company and like most terriers is quite a lively lad. Barkley, also a shy lad is looking for a quiet home where he can become an expert in his favourite pass-time of being a couch potato.

Whilst at the park we took the opportunity to film videos for both Barkley and Shane and these can be seen on their individual web profiles - Barkley and Shane.