Summer treats for your pooch!

Summer is well and truly here and with temperatures soring it’s important we keep our dogs cool at this time.

Canine residents of Darlington have been keeping cool in a variety of ways from early morning walks to pool parties. Chilled fun has even been incorporated with snack times. We made up some DIY chilled treats and dog friendly lollies and put them for review to: Milo – English Bulldog, Evie – Greyhound and Sandy - Terrier cross.

Five star reviews from all!


Doggy popsicle recipe

Want to make your own pooch a doggy popsicle? Here’s how…

Bits and bob required:

  • Ice lolly mould and ice mould
  • Water
  • Wet tinned dog food
  • Hotdogs
  • Kibble
  • Dental sticks

Making time:

  • Add some tinned dog food to the ice lolly moulds – about half way
  • Sprinkle a few bits of dry dog kibble into the mixture
  • Throw in some chopped up hotdogs for extra flavouring
  • Wedge the dental stick within as if it were a handle
  • Top up the rest of the ice mould with water
  • Pop in the freezer for a couple of hours to set
  • Bon appetite!


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