Roland and Friend at Darlington

New best fur-iends!

Rowland has been achieving what we all desire...friendship!

From first arriving at Darlington in 2018 Rowland has overcome many challenges including the struggles of been abandoned at just six months old and a full limb amputation to his rear left leg due to injury.

After plenty of rest to recover and now well adjusted to life as a canine tripod he has been making tremendous progress with his doggy social skills.

Previously Rowland found it difficult to be around other dogs and would become very animated and vocal. Starting from scratch Rowland and the training team have worked super hard to change this into now an enjoyable experience and he is flourishing!

There has been plenty of off-site adventures for Rowland where his new friends have accompanied him. He is great at jumping into the van and is the perfect passenger. Together they have been enjoying exploring the local areas and putting their noses to good use with all the new smells. There has even been a pool for their very own pool party!

Playtimes are enjoyable with humans but are now double the fun with other dogs being able to zoom around enclosed areas. Even on three legs zoomies are at full speed! Although in true sighthound style Rowland cannot miss the opportunity to have an afternoon snooze with his buddies.

It is a huge milestone for Rowland and the staff are so proud to see the progress he has made. Training will need to be continued in his new home, but he has proven to be a star pupil. So much so that pending a successful dog intro he will now be able to share a home with another canine companion...if they can keep up with his giddy nature!

If you would like to be part of Rowlands growing friendship circle, check out his profile for more details.

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