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“Danger Mouse” at Work

A “Happy Ever After” story from Dogs Trust Darlington

A “Happy Ever After” story from Dogs Trust Darlington

  When we received this amazing update about Milo, a young Jack Russell terrier cross puppy who was adopted earlier this summer we immediately knew that must share it with you!


Milo came into Dogs Trust Darlington as a puppy of 4 months and stayed with a member of staff whilst we looked for a new family for him. We found the ideal home and very soon he was off to start his new life on a farm.

Here is Milo’s story as told by his new family –

“On first meeting Milo we instantly knew this bouncy little bean was the one for us, he’s now called “Danger Mouse” as he is small, mighty, and fearless!

When we first got home, he strutted in through the front door as if he had been born here. All three dogs, Danger Mouse, Archie, and Buster our Labradors had a wrestle and played in the gardens and around the house. On his first evening, Danger Mouse was on the lead around the cattle whom he was fascinated by, then he was let off the lead to run around the field with the other dogs.

He was quick to learn how to behave from our other dogs and not bothered by the cattle at all. That was until he went to kiss one, which puffed at him and he jumped backwards into a muddy pit.


We have got him a little bright orange reflective work coat to wear around the farm, which makes him easy to spot as he is the smallest thing about the place. He adores being with me in the tractor cab when feeding the cattle as he is high up and can see everything that is going on. 


His favourite places are the hay stack, where he runs up whenever we go into the barns. He likes to have a good wriggle kicking up hay, making a nest, then hides and pounces out on the labs, then chases them up and down the bale stack.


Danger Mouse adores the fields and beach where his little legs go as fast as they can and out runs the longest legged lab but now building up muscles like a little bull himself. On the beach we discovered he adores hunting for crabs and splashing in the rock pools.



He also adores lying flat out in front of the wood burners, snoring his head off or upside down with his legs in the air. Playing a game of "tickle", where we say "ready, steady" and he puts his front paws straight up in the air and his head back and we tickle his tummy is great fun. He loves this and wants it to be repeated, it's so funny to watch, then we put him down and say "ready, steady, wriggle"  and he bounces off to wrestle the labs, pouncing and boxing them.

Danger Mouse finds his brothers very useful as an umbrella as he will walk underneath them in the rain. He is also cheeky enough to take their treats and toys off them, but they soon get them back off him and have a wrestle.  He has learnt to have puppy naps which are often spent upside down with legs in the air, spread out on the sofa.



He really enjoys the outdoor farming lifestyle, freedom to run around with Archie and Buster and has made lots of friends including the cattle, hens, and cats. He is so funny running around the place like a little rocket just having the best time and being the centre of family life. We all love him so much!”

Now you’ve got to agree that’s one amazing “happy ever after” story! We were so pleased to receive this “pupdate” about Danger Mouse and hope that you have enjoyed reading it too. If you could give a dog like Milo a forever home why not check out our website or contact the centre by telephone on 01325 333114 to find out more about dogs searching for a new family.