Loki’s Sleepover

Loki snuggled up

Dogs Trust Darlington’s Loki is a young Labrador cross who is not quite 2 years old. 

At the centre he’s bouncy, energetic, always on the go and can at times get a little bit over excited.  He is also a boy who adores being with his people and is a very affectionate boy who loves games and playtime.

Recently for a change of pace his primary carer Rachael took him home for the night for a sleepover.  Loki had the best time, and this is what he got up to –

  • First stop was the garden for a good old explore and check everything out
  • Next up was checking out the home and having a spot of tea
  • Then it was time for some games of “find it” and “tug”
  • Followed up by chilling out watching TV and a snuggle on the sofa
  • And finally; when he could no longer keep his eyes open, he settled down for a good night’s sleep

The next morning Loki was still asleep when Rachael came downstairs although he soon woke up when he heard breakfast being prepared.  All too soon it was time for both to head back to the centre.

Loki is looking for an adult only home where he is the only dog although he can have walking buddies.  He will be a really rewarding dog for someone who will dedicate time to continuing his training.  He is enthusiastic about everything he does and is looking for the opportunity to shine, could you be the one to help him reach his star potential? 

If you think you could offer Loki his forever home check out his profile for more information, photographs and a video.