Finding forever homes in challenging times

Giving the dogs in our centre and foster homes the highest standard of care during the Covid-19 pandemic.

For most of us life as we knew it has changed unimaginably over the past few months and at times can seem very strange and unreal. However, one thing that has remained unchanged here at Dogs Trust Darlington is that we have continued to give the dogs in our centre and foster homes the highest standard of care.

As the whole country went into “lockdown” towards the end of March the centre was immediately closed to the public. Behind the scenes extra precautions were put in place to enable social distancing guidelines to be followed by all staff. Time that would normally have been spent on the rehoming process was utilised for additional training of the dogs in our care and for some fun activities. These included:

  • Weekly challenges set by the managers including teaching each dog in the centre a “sit” and a “hand target”
  • We practiced “high fives” to celebrate the work of the nation’s carers
  • Took part in the weekly “clap for the NHS”
  • Celebrated Easter with a doggy treat hunt

Following government guidelines, we slowly restarted the rehoming process towards the end of April and some of our dogs were able to head off to their forever homes. Between 23 March and 5 July 2020, we successfully rehomed 76 dogs, each a fab happy ever after story.

One of the highlights during this time was finding Indie, a 4-year-old lurcher his forever home. Indie is a sensitive boy who over time developed a strong bond with his two main carers at the centre. This facilitated him learning lots of new skills, which included being indoor kennel trained and being able to be left on his own for spells of time. Following this training progress Indie was found a place in a suitable foster home in January of this year. Indie settled into his foster home well and his foster carers were able to feedback lots of information about him. This included a glowing report which his was very helpful in finding Indie his forever home. Indie was adopted towards the end of June and has really settled into life in his forever home with his new family.

If you are ready and able to give a dog like Indie a well-deserved second chance our website is being continuously updated with dogs that are available for rehoming. We have been amazed at the level of interest each dog has generated so if you are looking for your “pawfect partner” it may take a little longer than you anticipate. We appreciate your patience at this time and hope to continue finding each dog in our care a happy ever after in a forever home.