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Now’s the Day and Now’s the Hour

Burns Night is celebrated across Scotland every year on 25th January and in honour of this occasion Dog Trust Darlington are sharing this post about Marley in the hope of finding his forever home.

A line taken from the poem “Scots Wha Hae” by Robert Burns has been used as the headline for our appeal to find Marley his happy ever after.

Marley’s primary carer, Caitlin, a bonnie wee Scots lassie helped us to not only capture this cute photo of him but has also been giving us all a quick lesson in some Scottish colloquial terms and sayings. We have incorporated them into this blog and hope you enjoy it, don’t worry if you struggle with some of the sayings, we have included a translation section at the end!

Marley is an 8-year-old auld braw wee laddie who is a sensitive soul and can be worried when meeting new people. However, once he has made friends this canny lad soon shows off his personality. His favourite things in life are treats and toys and this is the way into his heart. A secure backgreen to play in would be perfect for him as he is still very active and really enjoys playtime. Add to this a quiet, adult only home where he is the only pet and a comfy scratcher to kip in and you have completed Marley’s wish list.

Caitlin says

“Marley is pure dead brilliant, I dinnae ken why he hasn’t found a home yet. He’s such a canny lad and the way he learns new things is pure barry. He really is nae bother to look after, he is one of ma faves to look after and I wish him lots of guid luck in finding his special someone. As my granny would say – Whit’s for ye’ll no go past ye, this boy definitely deserves the opportunity to shine.”

Now’s the day and now’s the hour to come and meet Marley!!!”

 To find out more about Marley or any of the other dogs currently looking for a new home please visit the Darlington Rehoming Centre.

A few translations for you

  • Auld                            - old
  • Backgreen                 - garden
  • Bonnie                       - beautiful
  • Braw                           - handsome
  • Canny                        - clever
  • Guid luck                   - good luck
  • I dinnae ken              - I don’t know
  • Kip                              - sleep
  • Laddie                        - boy
  • Lassie                        - girl
  • Ma faves                    - my favourites
  • Nae bother                - no bother
  • Pure barry                  - brilliant
  • Pure, dead, brilliant - really good
  • Scratcher                   - bed
  • Whit’s for ye’ll no go past ye – what ever will be, will be