Dogs Trust

Sensational Sighthounds at Dogs Trust Darlington!

Could you give one these dogs a forever home?

A sighthound from Dogs Trust Darlington on a beach

At Dogs Trust Darlington we are on the hunt for “Forever Homes” for our sensational sighthounds.

Currently in the centre we have a wide variety of little stunners of all ages and temperament looking for their “Special Someone”. There are both girls and boys who vary from age one to six. We have Lurchers and Salukis with all different personalities - shy ones, outgoing ones, cheeky ones, playful ones and cuddly ones too! Some are smooth coated, some are rough haired and in every colour combination you could hope for.

Alfie, Bonnie, Chester, Domino, Fabian, Hector, Indie, Quinn, Rowland, Roxy and Trigger are all available to view on our website. Check out their profiles by clicking on their names to find out more about them and the type of homes they are looking for. They all are looking for a great home where they can live the happy life that they all deserve so much.

If you are unfamiliar with the care and needs of sighthounds, why not take a look at the Dogs Trust factsheet Greyhounds & Lurchers where you can find more about sharing your life with a sighthound.