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Enrichment - pumpkin style

Roxy with a large pumpkin

At Dogs Trust Darlington we are always looking for opportunities to enrich the lives of the dogs in our care by introducing them to new places, experiences or things. 

This week we decided to introduce pumpkins and capture some video footage of our dogs showing off their skills in a Halloween “Tricks for Treats” style. 

Ideas for the “Tricks for Treats” challenges were:

  • Weave around the pumpkins
  • Jump over the pumpkin
  • Touch target the pumpkin
  • Put a paw on the pumpkin
  • We’re sure that you get the overall idea; however as with all best laid plan’s things didn’t turn out quite as expected. 

First up to the challenge was Roxy who decided that instead of using the pumpkin for target training she would treat it like a toy instead. She certainly found this to be great fun and although maybe not quite what we had planned it was something new for Roxy to enjoy.

Next was Missy whose carer decided to try out weaving through the pumpkins.  Missy is a huge fan of her toys and managed to find one in the training area, so all her focus went onto her squeaky toy.   The game plan had to be changed to accommodate this and a toy was hidden within the pumpkins for Missy to sniff out and retrieve.

Puppy Ada was a little star, after a little bit of investigating she showed how clever she will grow up to be by placing her paw on the pumpkin for a tasty puppy treat.

Disney is an energetic boy who is always ready for some exercise did a great jump over a broomstick balanced across the pumpkins and then decided to have a play with the pumpkin.

Last of all Chance decided that the opportunity to do a “pumpkin smash” was too good to miss!

For lots of ideas on how to enrich your dog’s daily life check out the Dogs Trust factsheet “Enrichment