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Disney – Wishing upon a star


Dogs Trust Darlington’s Disney is an energetic five-year-old boy whose wish is to find a forever home. 

Shy and sensitive when first meeting new people Disney prefers to be the one to initiate interactions.  Once he has made friends, he is an affectionate lad who really enjoys being around his people.  He loves to be active and, on the go, and his madcap moments will make him such a fun companion to have around.

Disney’s main passion in life are his squeaky toys, although not so keen on sharing he has learned to do a nice swap for either another toy or a very tasty treat.  With oodles of energy he is happiest when out exploring or running around playing with his toys.  Disney is looking for a home where he is the only pet as he prefers not to share his treasured possessions.  However, he can have walking buddies so long as they are calm, respectful and polite.

In his new home Disney is looking for

  • An experienced active home committed to continuing his training
  • A garden for playtime
  • To be the only pet in the home
  • Someone around for most of the time as he enjoys company
  • Lots of opportunities to go on walks and explore new places

Disney is putting his faith in the words of the well-known song written by Leigh Harline and Ned Washington for Walt Disney

“When you wish upon a star
Makes no difference who you are
Anything your heart desires will come to you”

Can you be the one to give Disney the fairy-tale ending he desires?

Disney is just one of over 60 dogs currently looking for a home both at the centre and in foster homes.  We have an amazing selection of shapes, sizes, ages and breeds that are looking for a wide variety of homes. 

For more information on the lovely dogs we have at Dogs Trust Darlington please contact the centre on 01325 333114, visit the website or email us at [email protected]