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Looking for a 'pawsonal' trainer?

Staff at Dogs Trust Canterbury are currently on the lookout for an active owner seeking a fitness partner to keep them in tiptop shape - for running fanatic, Duke, who has high hopes of finding an active home where he can channel his energy.

Duke a five-year-old Crossbreed, dubbed Marathon Dog at the Rehoming Centre due his love of exercise loves nothing more than sprinting, running and jogging in the great outdoors and hopes he can buddy up with a loving owner who loves to run as much as him.

Dogs Trust Canterbury Centre Manager, Adam Levy said:

“Duke is a lovely boy, always full of beans with boundless energy. He’s super fit and loves running in the great outdoors so an active owner would suit him perfectly, especially someone who enjoys exercising with a dog! He can be a little nervous of new people and new surroundings at first so an understanding and patient owner, who will give him to settle in is a must for Duke.”

Adam continues: “Duke just loves exercise so the more he gets the happier he is. He would love to find an owner who leads an active lifestyle and spends a lot of time outside. Duke is a clever boy and has grasped the majority of his training but would benefit from more, particularly encouraging socialisation with other dogs.”

Running with your dog and taking part can be a good way for both dog and owner to enjoy themselves, keep fit and gives you a tremendous bond with your four-legged friend providing your dog is fit and healthy and enjoys exercising. Dogs Trust encourages anyone wishing to run with their dog to seek veterinary advice beforehand and ensure their dog gets lots of breaks and hydration whilst running.

Tips for running with your dog

  • Make sure you seek Veterinary advice before engaging in an exercise programme for your dog
  • Devise an exercise routine that is specifically tailored to your dog’s ability and never push him or her
  • Allow dogs to enjoy intermittent stops to sniff around and to just do the doggy things that come naturally
  • Never make you dog run if he/she objects, if he stops it is a clear message that they are being pushed beyond his capacity.
  • Be aware of the terrain which could impact on your dog's paws.
  • Keep your dog's nails trimmed to reduce the chance of them splitting during jogs
  • Check your dog's footpads after you return from jogging and make sure you do not run on hard surfaces
  • Never run with your dog during the heat of the day and always make sure water is available and he is properly hydrated
  • Keep your dog on a lead and make sure he is obedient to commands to prevent him from straying
  • Make sure your dog is visible and use reflective collars and coats.

Duke requires an adult home with owners willing to give him the space he needs and plenty of physical stimulation. He loves the company of people once he has got to know them and would rather be the only pet in the home so he can lap up all the attention himself.

If you think Duke would suit your active lifestyle and are interested in rehoming him please contact Dogs Trust Canterbury on 0300 303 0292.