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Look at him now: Puppy abandoned behind Lidl in old shoe box five Christmases ago revisits rehoming centre that restored him to full health

Five Christmases ago, four puppies were found abandoned in a shoe box behind supermarket Lidl in freezing weather. The pups were only five days old when they were found by a member of the public and brought into Dogs Trust Canterbury’s rehoming centre. 

The pooches were named after pantomime characters Prince Charming, Snow White, Cinderella and Buttons to fit with the festive season. The centre immediately set to work hand rearing the pups and caring for them around the clock, giving them the best chance of survival after such a difficult start in life. 

After a few months of devoted care, the happy and healthy crossbreed litter were all rehomed by local families and Prince Charming came to visit the centre five years on. Now named Hugo, this chap is a fair bit larger than when staff last saw him! 

Rochelle Haywood from Whitstable decided to bring her special boy in to see the team and they were delighted. 

Harriet Blaskett Rehoming Centre Manger at Dogs Trust Canterbury was one of the staff members who hand reared the litter of pups.

She said:

“There’s really no way of describing how special it is to see Hugo five years on and still a happy, healthy boy who is loving life with Rochelle.

“It was an emotional experience giving him cuddles, I’m not sure he would have remembered me, but I certainly remembered him!

“The charity’s slogan ‘A Dog is For Life, Not Just for Christmas®’ is 40 years old now and remains as relevant now as it did back then. Dogs are a wonderful addition in the right circumstances, but before bringing one into our homes we all need to think whether they are right for our lifestyles and whether we can give them a home for life.” 

Rochelle added: “Hugo and his brothers and sisters survived thanks to the dedicated staff at the rehoming centre and we are so grateful. We thought it’d be nice to pay them a visit and show them how well he’s doing. He’s a much-loved member of our family and we couldn’t imagine life without him.” 

Last year, the charity rehomed over 12,000 dogs, with Dogs Trust Canterbury rehoming more than 300 dogs. As we start the New Year, the charity is ready to find homes for dogs of all shapes and sizes.