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Dogs Trust Canterbury's homeless hounds celebrate Roald Dahl's birthday in style

Dogs Trust Canterbury are celebrating the anniversary of Roald Dahl’s birthday by reading his most famous books to their homeless residents to keep them entertained whist they wait to find loving homes of their own. They have also created props for the dogs from some of the author’s classic tales including a golden ticket for Fionn, a giant peach for Riley and for Alfie and Poppy, they recreated The Twits.

Fun-loving Fionn is an adventurous boy just like Charlie in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory so staff have made a golden ticket to invite potential owners to come and meet him. The four-year-old crossbreed  also adores dog friendly chocolate drops which are a fantastic aid to his training (and scrumdiddlyumptious for Fionn!). Staff reward him with a treat when he performs a task so he has become a very quick learner and excels in his training, as he enjoys going over jumps and other agility tricks. Whilst lickable wallpaper and fizzy lifting drinks aren’t on his new home wishlist, Fionn is looking for a calm, patient owner who will help him settle in, continue his training and take him on lots of adventures.

Crossbreed Riley is a sweet natured lad with a heart of gold like James from James and the Giant peach so staff often read him the book to help him relax and have made him a giant peach to keep him company. He can be a little unsure of the world  so would prefer to live with adults only as it takes him time to build trust in people and may be nervous around children and other dogs.  Like James, he is hoping to make a lifelong friend in a loving new home. The full support of Dogs Trust behaviour team will be given to potential adopters to help Riley settle in when he ‘trotters’ off to his new home!

Rebecca Thomas, Dogs Trust Canterbury Canine Carer,  explains

“We were hoping to help the dogs settle into kennels  so reading to them seemed like a good way to spend time with them and keep them relaxed whilst interacting with them. The added bonus is that it also gave us a chance to catch up on some Roald Dahl books which we have always wanted to read ourselves but never found the time to catch up on childhood favourites! Reading to puppies  is also part of a wider socialisation plan which includes getting them used to  washing machines, hair dryers and loud noises in a positive way so that when they go to a new home they will not be scared by the outside world and will grow into well adjusted, well socialised dogs. They are fantastic dogs who will make super  pets in the right homes and we really hope they find loving owners who will continue to read to them and help them settle in and become part of the family.”

If you are interested in rehoming a rescue dog please contact Dogs Trust Canterbury 0300 303 0292.