The secret life of rescue Whippets is filled with lots of love

A dog owner who appeared on The Secret Life of Dogs has adopted two rescue Whippets from Dogs Trust Canterbury, after the dog who saved her life passed away. 

Amy Wilton, who lives with type 1 diabetes, was featured on the popular ITV series after her late pet Holly alerted her to potentially fatal drops in her blood glucose levels. Holly sadly passed away at the age of 15 in June last year and although Amy hadn’t been looking to adopt any more dogs; her heart went out to Dogs Trust Canterbury residents Izzy and Bill, 11-year-old siblings who would have spent their golden years in kennels. 

The Whippet siblings got a new lease of life after being adopted by Amy and have settled in very well with her other two whippets, Cassie and James; also, previous rescue dogs. 

Amy said: 

“If I’m honest we weren’t looking to add to our family when I came across some of the ‘Facebook whippet community’ sharing Izzy and Bill’s post from Dogs Trust’s page. We’d had four dogs previously, but had lost Lydia in 2016, and my dear sweet Holly in June of 2018. 

“Hearing about how Izzy and Bill came into the care of Dogs Trust was very emotional; how they found a loving home while in the care of Dogs Trust back in 2017 and then their owner sadly passed away, before coming back to Dogs Trust again. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for them with so many moves and being on their own in their golden years. 

“We drove from south Hampshire, near Portsmouth to Canterbury to meet them with our doggies and they all got along well. The rest is history! They’ve settled in well with our other two and are enjoying walks in the woods and running on the beaches of the south coast. I have a soft spot for the more senior hounds.

“I’d urge anyone hesitating to adopt an older dog, to forget the age, it’s just a number and just make their final days, months or years count. It is truly one of the most rewarding things you can do.” 

Harriet Blaskett, rehoming centre manager at Dogs Trust Canterbury, said: 

“We’re so glad that Izzy and Bill have found a new home, especially one with lots of experience of their breed. With four dogs in their care, Amy’s home is very much a sanctuary where every dog is truly loved as a member of the family.

“Izzy and Bill have spent their whole lives together and we are extremely thankful this won’t change. Everyone at the rehoming centre would like to thank Amy and her family for being able to keep them together and giving them a fresh start in their forever home.” 

If you believe a dog is for life and are interested in adopting a rescue dog, please get in touch with the team on 01227 936139.