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What to do with the dogs during stormy weather?

Here in the South East of England we have a weather warning out for storm Debby, which is on its way and due to affect us this week. However, what do we do with our dogs when they do not want to go outside? We already do lots of 1 on 1 training to help teach our dogs on how to communicate with us but we also like to think outside the box and give them something extra to do to forget about the thunder.

Last Friday we invited our volunteers in for an Enrichment Workshop to prepare some extra games for our dogs to play. We had stations set up to create treat bundles, ‘octopus shape’ ragger toys and snuffle mats. The bundles are wraps of material filled with wonderful tasty things our dogs would really like to get to and encourages natural behaviours such as chewing, which can help with stress and anxiety. The ‘octopus toy’ is material wrapped around a ball and braided to secure in place, great for those that love to interact with people for a game of tug. The snuffle matt is made using a rubber mat with strips of fleece tied onto it to create an area to hide treats, which encourages dogs to use their strongest sense ‘of smell’ to find them. All of these are a great way of trying to distract our dogs from the unpredictable British Weather come rain or shine.

Here is one of our dogs who was recently rehomed tucking into his wrap.

If you are interested in volunteering with us please contact the rehoming centre for more information on 01227 792505 or visit them us at: Radfall Road, Chestfield, Nr Whitstable, Kent, CT5 3ER. Opening times are 12pm-4pm everyday except Wednesdays and we are now open late on Thursdays until 7.30pm.