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Meet the staff: We are waiting to meet you!

Centre Manager - Adam came from a background in carpentry and furniture design before joining Dogs Trust in 2005. He is very passionate about animal welfare and began his career at our West London centre as a canine carer and progressed through the roles of CC2 Rehomer and Assistant Manager Admin before taking on the role of Centre Manager at our Canterbury centre in 2010. His role is to oversee the day to day running of the centre keeping abreast of company policy, procedures, public relations and customer care.

Assistant Manager Administration –Harriet came from a background in Science before joining Dogs Trust Canterbury as a Canine Carer in 2011 before taking on the role of Assistant Manager Administration in 2013. Harriet’s role is to oversee the administrative aspects of the centre including dispensing of medicines, adoption procedures & general customer care.

Assistant Manager Operations – Julii joined Dogs Trust in November 2011.She has a background in veterinary care as she is a qualified vet nurse. Her management role is to oversee the operational aspects of the centre including kennel management, veterinary routines & general canine care.

Training & Behavioural Advisor – Laura came from a background in sport and personal fitness, before beginning her Dogs Trust career in 2002 as a Canine Carer (Level 2) at Leeds. She was transferred to Glasgow & was promoted to Training & Behavioural Advisor in 2009, finally joining Canterbury in the same role later that year. Laura’s role is to oversee the assessment & training of dogs in our care, as well as those have been rehomed but who still need a helping hand.

Canine Carer Level 2 (CC2) Puppy Rearer - Ruth has over 15 years experience in canine care and kennel operations and alongside caring for our adult dogs, she takes on the extra responsibility of caring for our puppies. This elevated role is to oversee the care and development of puppies on our site ensuring that their health and behavioural needs are met in the early stages so they go to their new homes at 8 weeks old, healthy and happy.

Canine Carer Level 2 (CC2) Rehomer – Ashleigh came from a background in Hospitality and Kennels. She joined Dogs Trust in 2010 as a Canine Carer. Ashleigh’s role is to build relationships with potential adopters, update the dog’s information on the website and over see the rehoming.  

Canine Carer Level 2 (CC2) Trainer – David has a background in animal behavioural science. He joined Dogs Trust in 2011 as a canine carer. Alongside caring for our dogs David’s role is to assist the Training and Behavioural advisor in creating and implementing training and behaviour programmes for the dogs

Canine Carers (Level 1) - Becky, Louise, Laura and Becca are our full time staff and Simon, Charlotte, Emily and Sophia are our part time staff. All Canine Carers are responsible for the general day to day care of the dogs at our centre, carrying out home & vet visits, and are involved in the rehoming of the dogs in our care through customer liaison.

Receptionists – Kim joined us in 2010 with a background in Office Management and marketing. Sam joined Dogs Trust in 2012 with a background in Customer Care in Retail. Lesley and Julia are also members of the reception team. All our receptionists are responsible for Customer Care and Front of House and they carry out all organisational and administrative tasks within the centre. They are the happy, friendly face of Dogs Trust Canterbury.

Maintenance Operatives – Dave came from a background in engineering and stone masonry, before joining Dogs Trust Canterbury as part-time Maintenance Operative in 2008. Alan joined the team in 2012. He was originally a DT volunteer and owns one of our long term dogs.Their role is to carry out any light construction, grounds-men duties & general repairs.

Supporter Relations Officer – Lara came from a background in Science Communication and Education before joining Dogs Trust as the Education Officer for East London in early 2012. She then moved to Dogs Trust Canterbury to take on the role of Supporter Relations Officer in November 2012. Lara’s role includes handling local press and organising our annual events including our Open Day in the summer. She also promotes our Canine Care Card scheme and legacy liaison and gives group talks on the charity.