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Noel the Lurcher: From Rescue Dog to Rescuer

Noel the Lurcher Cross

Two-year old Lurcher cross Noel was a very popular boy here at Canterbury, well-loved by all our staff. And this week Noel popped by to see us with his new family.

Noel came to us at Dogs Trust in Canterbury after originally being a stray in Ireland. He was initially nervous and worried by people.

But the Andersons, his new family, arrived centre with a very open mind. They had considered a dog for a while and understood the responsibilities and commitment of owning a dog. They wanted a dog who would fit in with their family and become the sixth family member.

They met Noel and decided they would like to give him a loving home. However, Noel needed a lot of time to get to know the family, so his new people needed to be committed enough to come and see him regularly before he would be able to go home with them.

Mr Anderson drove over an hour nearly every day to visit Noel, to take him on walks and generally just getting to know him and to help gain his trust.

Noel soon built up enough confidence and was able to go home a lot sooner than expected.

Now settled and enjoying the big fields and parks by his countryside home, he has been on many adventures. One of his famous adventures involved saving a spaniel dog!

One morning in early Autumn, Noel was on his walk when he was alerted by a Spaniel dog who shot up the road in front of him and was almost hit by a car! Spooked by the near miss, the Spaniel ran away. Noel sniffed around and led the way to find where the spaniel was. Mr Anderson managed to clip the lost spaniel on to Noel's collar where he noticed an address tag. Luckily, he was returned to his very worried owners, who by coincidence lived just a road or two away.

Well done Noel!

Mr Anderson said: "So glad he chose us, we think he is one very happy boy and so are we. Think it's brought us closer and more relaxed as a family."

We are so pleased Noel has found his forever home - we just love to hear how well our rehomed dogs are doing.

If you could give one of our dogs a home, please visit our centre page for available dogs, or pop by and see us, where our staff will be able to assist you with finding your new best friend.