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Five Greyhounds, five facts, five loving homes required


At the Canterbury centre, we have five Greyhounds looking for their forever homes: Lucy, Martin, Moris, Sleepy and Vinnie.

Apart from sharing the same breed title, they are all very different and are looking for different things, but they do all have these facts in common:

  • Greyhounds are the fastest dog breed, they can get up to speeds of 45mph, hence why a huge amount of Greyhounds are bred to race.
  • Greyhounds have a very short, almost odourless coat, which doesn’t moult, which make them suitable for people allergic to dogs.
  • You’d think Greyhounds would require a lot of exercise, but despite Greyhounds' great athletic ability, they don’t need as much exercise as you’d think - they would be content spending most of the day sleeping. Of course, they like to go on walks, but they don’t need as much exercise as some breeds.
  • Greyhounds are part of a group called ‘Sighthounds’, which means they hunt by sight and have good vision.
  • Greyhounds are extremely affectionate and great companions.

Lucy is a big character here, she lives for her toys and will zoom around the field to chase them. She loves to play and once she's had a run, Lucy is happy to chill out with a chew on a comfy duvet while enjoying a gentle fuss.

Martin is a very handsome and gentle boy who enjoys a fuss and especially loves food! Martin is a very curious, excited dog and he is always keen to go on his next adventure.

Moris is looking for an active family home. He is a sweet, bouncy boy who loves lots of attention. He enjoys playing with his toys and loves his treats. Moris is a confident boy and is always keen to go out exploring. He enjoys a fuss and will make a loving family dog.

Sleepy is a gentle boy who loves exploring his new surroundings. But like his name suggests, he loves to sleep. He likes his walks and playing with his toys, but most of all Sleepy loves food and extra treats.

Vinnie is an affectionate and super clever boy who is always eager to learn and knows several tricks already! His favourite game is playing fetch with a squeaky toy and once you've gained his trust, he loves nothing more than a cuddle and will fall asleep with his head in your lap.

If you are interested in rehoming any of our Greyhounds, please contact the Canterbury Centre to register your interest on 01227 792505 or visit us at: Radfall Road, Chestfield, Nr Whitstable, Kent, CT5 3ER. Opening times are 12pm-4pm every day except Wednesdays and we are now open late on Thursdays until 7.30pm.