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One month to go!

Rebuild at Dogs Trust Canterbury nearly complete

Progress so far for Canterbury's rebuild

We are very excited that we only have around a month to go until our rebuild at Dogs Trust Canterbury is complete and we are able to move in.

Part of our Centre has been under construction since early 2018. The work being carried out by Abbott construction is nearly complete and the team at Abbott’s are very confident it will be ready for us in March. The outside areas will take a little longer, but the building itself is the most important at this time.

The rebuild is essential to our future success and will enable us to help a larger quantity of dogs each year. We will have many more kennels, extra space and new facilities to help make our dogs time at our centre even better.

We have still helped a lot of dogs and tried to make it as least disruptive as possible by hiring nearby offsite kennels and with a lot of hard work and patience from staff, it has worked successfully.

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