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If the worst should happen, who will care for your dog?

Find out more about our Canine Care Card scheme

Have you thought about what will happen to your dogs should anything happen to you?

It can be a difficult subject to think about and to bring up with those around you but ensuring the care of your dogs if something happens to you can really give you peace of mind.

A lovely older greyhound came into our care at Dogs Trust Canterbury recently after her owner sadly passed away. She was very much loved and her owner had made sure that his family and friends were aware that his wishes were that should anything happen to him he would like Dogs Trust to take care of Rosie and find her a special new home. We received a phone call straight away to collect Rosie and she was able to come into our care immediately. She was a very popular dog with both staff and those looking for a new dog so she wasn’t with us for very long before she went to her new retirement home. She even enjoyed some time in a foster home before she went to her new owner.

Dogs Trust runs the Canine Care Card Scheme which is a FREE service that will mean that your dogs will come straight into our care should something happen to you. You complete an application from outlining some information about your dog (which is really useful to us should they come into our care) and then a Canine Care card is sent out to you for you to carry on your person or to keep with your dogs records.

If you would like some more information about the Canine Care Card Scheme or to request an application form please contact [email protected] or tel: 07833 050870