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Dog School Bristol celebrates 100th doggy graduate

It’s paws up for a rescue dog who has become the 100th dog to graduate from Dogs Trust Dog School in Bristol.

One-year-old Collie, Harvey was previously a resident at Dogs Trust’s rehoming centre in Bridgend, and was adopted by Laura Hardidge and Mark Griffin from Bristol in January. Like a typical Collie, he needed to be active and it wasn’t long before his owners knew that he’d benefit from some training to help manage his high energy levels. He would often jump up at people, pull on the lead and be hyperactive all evening, despite getting out for regular walks.

Thankfully, Dogs Trust had recently launched Dog School at Windmill Hill City Farm in Bristol which provided fun, educational courses and advice for all dog owners to understand the behaviour of their dog and avoid the common pitfalls that can lead to problems, and the couple were quick to book on.

Harvey has now completed two six-week courses and passed with flying colours.

Laura said:

“When we first got Harvey, we knew that he would need some training because of his high energy.

“We found out about the Dog School classes and they sounded perfect for us – combining theory with practical tips to help us in real-life situations was just what we needed. During the six weeks, we saw a huge improvement in Harvey’s behaviour. It was a massive benefit for us, too - learning new skills to manage Harvey and keeping his mind, not just his body, occupied!  The trainers were fantastic too and both classes were very beneficial.

“The course has finished now, but we know the work doesn’t stop there. We’re determined to continue what we’ve learnt to help Harvey reach his full potential and further develop that bond and trust we have built through training.”

“Thanks to the support of Dog School Bristol, Harvey has improved so much, we now feel we can deal with his energy and everyone is much happier.”

Sophie Fensome, Senior Coach at Dog School Bristol, said:

“Harvey is an absolutely adorable dog who, like any typical collie, needs a lot of stimulation to beat the boredom and help to manage his high energy levels

“Harvey was a big star in Dog School and it’s great that we’ve been able to equip his owners with the skills required to set him up to succeed as a family pet. The hard work doesn’t stop there but it’s clear that her owners have put in a lot of work outside of classes and continued what they have learnt in the home.”

If you are interested in attending Dog School Bristol please email the team or call 07393 140 406.