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The Princess Diaries

A Day in the Life: Part Three

17:00 -  This is normally the time that Emma finishes work at the big table and I get some playtime, I especially love TUG OF WAR. As this is the weekend, I shall probably just sleep some more while Emma cook’s food.  I am looking forward to my second peanut butter treat which I like to enjoy while my humans are eating their food at the big table

19:00 -  TV time!  I do enjoy a bit of telly watching, I find it fascinating - especially if there are any animals on the box. There is nothing better for me than cuddling up to my humans when it is nice and warm and I'm getting stroked.  I can't really get onto the sofa with them, so I confess I do sulk a little if I can't join them but I'll settle for a cushion on the floor next to them if I have to.

21:00 -  Emma has just brought my lead in, I guess I can go out and see what's happening in the neighbourhood.  I'm a little stiff today so I hope she won't go far.  There is a nice patch of grass I like to investigate around the corner which would be ideal.  Sometimes I'm up for a longer walk and we go all the way around the block - there are lots of piles of leaves that I love to walk through.  Tonight though, I just want to have a quick toilet break before bedtime.

22:30 -  Oh no, it's that time again.  They've just turned the television off and started to tidy up.  I’m not that keen when they leave me on my own, so I'll do my usual trick and play dead so they can't put me to bed.  Ok that didn't work they just laughed at me.  Well, I guess it's not so bad, I've just had more belly rubs and I am pretty tired so I'll go into my bed to make them happy. This bed is actually very comfortable and I've got everything I need, maybe I'll just do sad eyes at them as they leave.  Nope that didn't work either, they left me anyway.  I do feel quite sleepy, maybe I'll just snooze for a while...

Princess is looking for a permanent foster home due to her medical condition which you can find out more by calling DogsTrust Bridgend on 01656 725219; or visit the centre in Bridgend CF31 4NG.

You can also check out her profile.