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The ‘Princess’ Diaries

A Day in the Life: Part Two

14:30 - I had a lovely afternoon nap while Emma was doing some housework.  The vacuum cleaner doesn't bother me but every time I move it seems to follow me!

Sometimes if I get bored, I always have the BOX OF MYSTERY to investigate.  It's a cardboard box, full of bits of newspaper and every time I root around in there I find different things!  It's the main place I find my toys after Emma has been tidying up but on occasion I also find small treats. My favourite game is to throw my toys around and chase them, it’s so much fun.  Ideally I'd love a huge place to run around in and play with toys.  The best toy I have so far is a purple fluff ball that squeaks - AMAZING.  I like to roll around the floor and bite it.  I guess I'm still a puppy at heart!

15:00 -  Time for my afternoon walk. I'm so excited about going out, maybe we'll go and do the social thing and walk around and meet other dogs or maybe we'll go and play the field game?  Now I've got my coat and harness on we're ready to go out in the car and explore!  Emma and Steve live on a steep hill which makes my legs very stiff if I have to walk far, so we tend to go out in the car for flat walks.

We went to the top field this afternoon, and at least up here I can give my undivided attention to Emma or Steve and we play my favourite game - RUN BACK FOR TREATS!!

16:00 - After my walks, Emma likes to wash me down with a soapy flannel and a warm bowl of water before we can go into the house.  This helps me because I don't lick and clean myself like a lot of dogs, but it’s a pain as I can't wait to get in and lie on a nice warm cushion!  I have noticed that my allergies have got a lot better with this routine and I don't chew my paws or scratch much at all now.  Maybe it's the cod liver oil that Emma puts in my dinner - I have heard that helps the skin too!

To be continued…

Princess is looking for a permanent foster home due to her medical condition which you can find out more by calling DogsTrust Bridgend on 01656 725219; or visit the centre in Bridgend CF31 4NG.

You can also check out her profile.