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The ‘Princess’ Diaries

A Day in the life: Part One

09:00 - Woke up today when Emma came downstairs to put the kettle on.  I do find it hard to come around in the mornings so I just like to watch Emma go through her morning tasks. I felt quite lazy so I decided it was time to get up after all.  After some stroking and belly rubbing, I am looking forward to my breakfast treat of peanut butter smeared into my favourite bone.  It doesn't matter to me that Emma crushes my medicine into it; I just love the taste of peanut butter!  I wish I could have more as she is a little skimpy on the portion size and it's not like I eat anything else in the morning.  I prefer to pick at my food after my afternoon and evening walks.

10:00 -  It’s raining out, so obviously I’m not going out in that kind of weather but I feel really bad for my humans because they really seem to want to go out. It's much better when we go out in the car, I'll always go if it’s in the car! When I go outside, I have to put my coat on especially if it’s cold and raining. I wonder where we shall go today?  Lately we have been visiting a lot of new places and I absolutely love to travel and explore anything new - as long as it doesn't involve hills!

11:30 -  What a long walk today, normally we only stay out for 20 minutes but this morning we took 40 minutes.  We took Steve out with us to walk along Neath canal which has so many smells and noises, I absolutely love it there! My humans are too slow on these walks; they just don't understand that we need to GET THERE.  I don't know where THERE is but it must be around the next corner. Today I decided to try something a little special and investigate the canal.  I certainly surprised myself as well as Emma and Steve by deciding to jump right in!  The water was colder than expected and so I came out straight away but the look on their faces was priceless and so was all worth it!  I almost caught up to those noisy ducks too, but Emma keeps telling me that I need to be well behaved around them. It has been lots of fun today but I'm always happy to get back into the car.  The back window is fascinating and I love watching everything that is going on - it's all so different to life in the kennels.

12:00 -  When we got back home, the humans carried me upstairs so I can have a shower as I was pretty wet and muddy after the walk.  This usually happens once a week and it's so lovely and warm and I get a lovely massage with it too.  My back legs aren't very good for balancing so Emma has a special bath mat for me to sit on which really helps.  My favourite bit comes after the shower when I get dried off, carried downstairs and given a big chew.  Today I have a giant bone made of rawhide which is the most amazing treat I've ever seen.  I am so excited I just have to throw it in the air and run around the room chasing it!

12:30 -  My humans sit at the big table to eat their food so I like to stay close to them by lying on their feet, it lets them know that I'm still part of the group even though I can't join them.  It's warm and cosy indoors so I like to relax and snooze - especially if I'm near Emma or Steve.  My first choice is always to lie next to them or on their feet.  I've been staying with them for just over 7 weeks now and I like to think I'm not as needy as I was.  I know I can be a pain when Emma is cooking and I sit on her feet or follow her around every room when she is busy.  Steve tends to stay upstairs working in his office, so when he comes down to see me I always like to jump on him.  Emma usually has to calm us both down because it is just too much fun!  At this point, I like to show Steve that I love him by washing his face and beard and even his ears.

To be continued…

Princess is looking for a permanent foster home due to her medical condition in which you can find out more by calling DogsTrust Bridgend on 01656 725219; or visit the centre in Bridgend CF31 4NG.

You can also check out her profile at