Can Bobby dazzle you?

Handsome, fun, loyal and loving – these are the four loveable qualities that 3-year-old Collie cross Bobby possesses and that the staff love about him.

Unfortunately, he has been at the centre for a while now as he is looking for his special home, in which he requires an adult only home with no visiting children and have Collie experience, and a commitment to continue with his training needs. Due to Bobby being unsettled around traffic, he is best living in a quiet country home where he will have lots of space to run around and play his favourite games. He would certainly enjoy being lord of the manor!

Bobby does have a sensitive side and will need to get to know new owners gradually, so he can determine if they are the family for him (a big bag of tennis balls would be a good incentive to build up a relationship). He could live with another dog already established in the home as long as they are the right match for him. Bobby in fact, has been very useful at the centre, as he has been helping some of our younger residents with their socialising skills by helping to build up their confidence around other dogs by encouraging them to interact and play. He has worked wonders!

Bobby is very popular with a few of the centre’s volunteers who love taking him out for a few hours on a long walk and then head back to the field at the centre to play ball with him. Bobby absolutely loves spending time with them and gets very excited every time he spots them out and about.

Volunteer Heather Horton says “Bobby has captured my heart with his zest for life and his lovable personality. We have the most fun out on walks and he is such an attentive lad, but my favourite thing to do is to spend some quality time with him in the field where Bobby will play to his heart’s content.”

The staff and volunteers at the centre are hoping Bobby’s forever home is just around the corner and his dream of living in the country will come true.

If you would like to find out more about Bobby, then please call 01656 725219 and ask to speak to training team at the Bridgend Rehoming Centre. Bobby will need to live near to the centre so that he can also make a few visits to his new home during the adoption process.