Young rescue dog seeks loving home ahead of World Kindness Day

This World Kindness Day (13th November) Dogs Trust is asking potential dog owners to spare a thought for rescue dogs and consider giving them the home they have always dreamed of. There is no shortage of dogs in need of new homes, with an average of around 500 dogs coming through the doors of Dogs Trust’s Rehoming Centre in Ballymena each year.

One such dog, who has been on Dogs Trust Ballymena’s Home From Home Fostering program for three months, is one-year-old Border Collie Junior. Despite being a puppy with lots of love to give, no one has come forward yet to give him the chance to fulfil his potential.

Prior to becoming a Dogs Trust resident, Junior didn’t have much chance to socialise and could be very shy around new people; however he has been gradually building his confidence in his foster home. One of Junior’s favourite places to go is the beach and the team have put together a short video clip to showcase his amazing personality when he is given the opportunity to shine.

Junior is currently staying with his foster carer Jill, who said: 

“Junior has been a lovely boy to foster and while he can still be quite nervous, his confidence has grown over the last three months. He is a clever boy, is quick to learn new tricks; loves going for walks and is excellent in the car. 

“He is full of fun, loves playing with his toys and the other dogs. He is very loving and affectionate; all in all Junior is a great dog with a lot to offer.” 

Oonagh Phillips, Rehoming Centre Manager at Dogs Trust Ballymena said:

“Adopting a dog would be the ultimate act of kindness and we are hoping the 13th November will bring with it new homes for our residents, especially those who have been with us a little bit longer like Junior. Every dog deserves to experience a loving home, no matter what age they are, what they look like or any other personal circumstances which may result in them coming into our care.

“Junior would benefit from a calm and quiet adult only home, with an existing dog that could help build Junior’s confidence. He is doing very well at adapting to life in his foster home, loves going out for walks and is very good at walking on his harness.”

If you are interested in giving Junior a place in your home and heart, or would like to enquire about becoming a foster carer, get in touch with the team at Dogs Trust Ballymena on 0300 303 0292.