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Rescue dog with a wonky walk who nobody wanted finds loving home

Staff at a Dogs Trust Ballymena are delighted that Purdy, the Jack Russell Terrier who nobody wanted because of her wonky walk, has found a forever home with a very special owner called Miss Purdy.

Purdy, now known as Purdy Purdy had been waiting six months to be rehomed when Lou Purdy spotted her canine namesake in the Belfast Telegraph.

Lou Purdy explains:

“I had only just decided that the time was right to get a dog when I spotted Purdy in the paper. I always knew that I wanted to rescue a dog and when I saw Purdy, the little dog with the same name I just knew I had to adopt her.”

“Purdy has settled in perfectly. Her wonky walk definitely doesn’t slow her down, it just adds to her character! It’s not just our names that we have in common, we also have similar personalities - we are both mischievous! Purdy just loves to be loved and showered with affection so she fits right in with me, she’s just perfect and I now can’t imagine life without her.”

All of the staff at Dogs Trust Ballymena are over the moon that little Purdy has found a home to call her own as Dogs Trust Ballymena Assistant Manager, Sarah Park explains:

“All of us at the Rehoming Centre adore Purdy. As she was with us for over six months we were starting to become concerned that she was being overlooked due to her non painful limp but when Lou Purdy came along we just knew it was meant to be! What a perfect pairing!”

There are still 52 dogs waiting for that special someone at Dogs Trust Ballymena, including Vinnie, Northern Ireland’s loneliest dog who is still waiting to be rehomed.

For more information about Vinnie and all the other dogs at Dogs Trust Ballymena, call 0300 303 0292.