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The cutest puppy in the galaxy has found a home that is out of this world

His name is Wookie and he is an eight-week-old Crossbreed who was recently in the care of Dogs Trust’s Rehoming Centre in Ballymena before finding his forever home.  Despite being named after one of the fiercest warriors in the Star Wars film franchise, Wookie the puppy is anything but fierce, especially since he is not much bigger than the average person’s hand; and is potentially the cutest puppy in Northern Ireland. 

Due to being so young, Wookie was placed on Dogs Trust’s Home From Home Fostering program, where he had the chance to live with a foster family temporarily until he was old enough to go to a permanent home. Wookie spent five weeks with Dominic Mallon, who also took care of Wookie’s mother Belle, so she could continue nurturing and feeding him, as well as his sister Leah. 

Dominic helped ensure the puppies stayed healthy and they even got a chance to socialise with his own dogs.

Dominic said: 

“Fostering puppies like Wookie is so rewarding because you get to see their personalities develop over such a short space of time. It was also great to be able to give him the extra time he needed with his mum and sister too. 

“Even at such a young age Wookie is so full of character. We introduced him to our two dogs and they were so gentle with him, even though he was determined to boss them around. 

“My family has always cared for dogs and we think the fostering program is a great way to do something really fulfilling, while enriching the lives of rescue dogs. Giving a rescue dog a temporary loving family environment can really settle and prepare them for life in their permanent home.” 

Wookie was spotted on Dogs Trust Ballymena’s website by couple Esther and Nigel from County Armagh. 

Esther said:

“My husband and I are big Star Wars fans and when we noticed Wookie on Dogs Trust’s website, we knew it was fate that he was meant to end up with us. From his ears to his eyes and coat, Wookie is a dead ringer for the iconic character of Chewbacca which we thought was funny given how small he is.

“Wookie is definitely not shy and what he lacks in size, he makes up for in personality. His training is coming along really well and I think his time in foster care acted as a good foundation, which has helped us with things like toilet training and introducing him to other dogs and people.

“We already have a Bichon Frise Cross named Dobby and since bringing Wookie home they have both got on really well; and will hopefully become great companions to each other, as well as us.”

There are plenty of dogs currently staying at the rehoming centre waiting on suitable foster carers, as well as permanent homes that are out of this world. Could you be their Han Solo?

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