Rescue dog in need of new home is a ‘sighthound’ for sore eyes

Dogs Trust Ballymena hope love is just around the corner for Greyhound resident, Tweed.

The loveable brindle soul, aged five, was recently brought into the care of the rehoming centre, after being found straying before being taken to a local pound.  

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, canine carers at the Ballymena rehoming centre are on a mission to make sure Tweed is on track to get his very own happy-ever-after; and are calling on interested potential owners to come forward.  

Although the team don’t have much information on Tweed’s background, when he was found he was a bit worse for wear and had sustained an injury to his tail. Sadly, the damage to his tail was too extensive and it couldn’t be saved. 

Conor O’Kane, Rehoming Centre Manager at Dogs Trust Ballymena, said: 

“We want to find Tweed a home where he will be given lots of space to settle in and build his confidence. Given what he has been through, it is no surprise that he is a little timid and likes to take his time getting to know new people. 

“On Valentine’s Day, love and compassion come in all shapes and forms, and we really hope Tweed will be all set to find his perfect match. He would benefit from a quiet, adult only home, with patient owners who have previous dog experience. 

“Tweed is just one of many examples of poor dogs being abandoned in Northern Ireland. We would urge anyone who is struggling to care for a dog to speak to Dogs Trust or another local dog rescue and we will do everything we can to help.” 

If you think you can make the lifelong commitment to Tweed and give him the home he truly deserves, please visit Dogs Trust Ballymena and contact the team for more information.  

Although Dogs Trust Ballymena is currently closed to the public, due to current lockdown restrictions, they can still rehome some dogs through their handover at home service. For dogs like Tweed, who need to meet potential owners a few times before going home, the team can take interest from members of the public and arrange visits with him when lockdown restrictions have eased.  

If you are struggling to cope with looking after your dog, for whatever reason, contact Dogs Trust on 0300 303 2188. Alternatively, please give what you can to help Dogs Trust change the tale for dogs like Tweed who haven’t yet found their forever home, by visiting