It’s ‘a new year and a new me’ for Millie the rescue dog as she finds her forever home

A rescue dog who spent more than a year and a half at Dogs Trust Ballymena, has found her forever home.

Millie the Collie, aged 10, originally found her way into the care of the Ballymena Rehoming Centre after being found abandoned and straying by local authorities. 

In a strange twist of fate, Millie was one of the first dogs to find their home in 2021 and it was with their own canine carer at the rehoming centre. Canine Carer Michael Faith and Millie had built up a strong bond over the last year and a half. 

Michael was adamant that if Millie had not found a home by the end of 2020, then he would make sure 2021 would be her year.  

Michael said:  

“I didn’t initially set out to adopt Millie, as I was fostering her so she could get used to being part of a family environment again. Both myself and my other dog Finn were helping her adjust. Millie, like Finn and myself, very much prefers the quiet life and I’m so fortunate to be able to give her a home environment where she has finally been able to settle.   

“Although I’m glad Millie has been able to get her forever home, she has added so much more value to my life, it feels like she has adopted me. She didn’t have a great start to life and it has taken her some time to build her trust in people again and I feel honoured to be one of those people.”  

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