Rescue dog who has spent more than 850 days in kennels out to prove his worth to potential owners

A rescue dog who has spent more than two years of their life in the care of Dogs Trust Ballymena, has been doing everything he can to ensure a potential owner comes looking for him soon.

Teddy, the bouncy six-year-old Labrador, is a very intelligent boy who has been working hard on his training while being a resident at the rehoming centre.

He has been showing off some of the things he has learnt with the help of his canine carers; and as well as having quickly mastered basic house training, Teddy has moved onto other training and been learning lots, including heelwork and chin targets.

Conor O’Kane, Rehoming Centre Manager at Dogs Trust Ballymena, said:

“Sadly, Teddy came into our care after a change in his owner’s circumstances meant they could no longer look after him. Teddy is absolutely no bother at all and will make the perfect companion for the right family. He is such a smart lad, is full of energy and loves getting in the car to go on new adventures.

“He does like to take his time getting to know new people, so would like to meet potential owners a few times at the rehoming centre in order to build up a strong bond. This adorable boy is looking for a quiet, adult only home with few visitors; and someone who can be around most of the day to help him settle into his new surroundings.

“Although he is part of the Dogs Trust family, we really hope Teddy finally receives some interest from potential owners, so he can fulfil his potential as a family pet.”

Potential owners who are interested in giving Teddy a home won’t just be getting an amazing canine companion; they will also get the added benefit of lifelong training and behaviour support from the team at Dogs Trust Ballymena too.

For more information about Teddy, please get in touch with the team on 028 2544 7227 .

We currently have 75 dogs just like Teddy, who have been with us 2 years or more. If you are unable to give them a home, you can still help us provide the care they need by giving a gift today.