Casper the friendly dog seeks a special home

Casper the friendly dog is a stunning 8-year-old Terrier Collie cross, he has the most beautiful eyes that have that special twinkle especially when playing with his toys.

Poor Casper was not coping well in kennels and is currently in a foster home, since being with his foster carers he has begun to come out of his shell; he enjoys brain teaser games like snuffle mats and destruction boxes, he loves a game of fetch in the garden and of course his most favourite thing is getting snuggles on the sofa with his foster carers.


Casper is a very gentle soul, he can be worried by loud and sudden noises and he doesn’t enjoy walks in busy areas, he is seeking a special and understanding family who will take things at Casper’s pace in regards to taking him for walks. Any potential adopters will require to have a secure garden large enough for Casper to have daily exercise until he is comfortable to go on walkies, he would benefit from someone being at home a large portion of the day until he is comfortable being left on his own.


Casper the friendly dog is:

  • Fully House-trained and very clean, he lets foster carers know when he needs out.
  • Able to live with older teenage children.
  • Used to wheelchairs and walking aids in home.
  • Very playful! Loves a game of fetch or brain puzzles.
  • Keen to learn new tricks with the aid of food.