A helping paw for Millie from ex-resident Finn

Ex-resident Finn (left) is known to be one of the Ballymena team, he came into our care as a young pup, that’s when canine carer Michael fell in love and had to take him home. Since being in Michael’s care he has blossomed into a lovely confident dog who has been a fantastic help and support system for the more nervous dogs that come into our care.

9-year-old Millie came into our care as a stray, we did not know anything about her, she was a little underweight and unsure of us at first, but she soon came round with some TLC, kennel life was treating Millie well that’s when Canine Carer Michael and super-dog Finn took her under their wing. Finn has been a great companion and friend to her throughout her stay here at Ballymena, she is certainly put her best paw forward to finding herself a loving family.

Some things that Finn has helped Millie with –

  • Recall! Finn has taught Millie it is okay to come back to your carers and sometimes if she comes back quick enough, she may even get a tasty treat!
  • Toy Play! When Millie first came to us, she did not know what to do with a toy but now she loves nothing more than a game of fetch with her favourite ball.


Type of home Millie needs –

  • Adult only, with few visitors. She loves attention from people she knows but can be nervous of meeting new people.
  • Possibility of previous Collie experience, Millie may be 9 but she still has lots of energy and enjoys a good walk, especially in quiet areas.
  • Millie could share her home with another doggy pal depending on characteristics, she likes a calmer, male dog.
  • A few meets at the centre is a must, potential adopters will work closely with the training team on introductions and management in home.


We hope this gorgeous girl finds a family to call her own soon.