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Flo’s first Christmas almost never happened

Flo is just one. One of many.

This is Flo. Shockingly she was just ten weeks old when she was found in a field, terrified and alone in the midst of the pandemic. We have no idea how long Flo had been left to fend for herself, she was clearly terribly unwell. If she hadn’t been found and brought to us, she probably wouldn’t have seen her first Christmas.

No dog should ever be left on the street. Not during a pandemic. Not at Christmas. Not ever.

A puppy of Flo’s age should be bouncy and inquisitive, but instead she was quiet and withdrawn, with no appetite. Our vets immediately checked her over and noticed she was jaundiced. After further tests and scans, they discovered she had a problem with her liver, and set her on a treatment plan.

Initially Flo struggled to put on weight, and being so young and vulnerable we were really worried about her. But Flo is a little fighter. With patience and perseverance, her condition improved and she began to blossom into a playful pup!

Thanks to our dedicated staff, Flo will spend her first Christmas happy, healthy and safe.But she nearly wasn’t so lucky. Maybe her family could no longer afford her medical bills, or an irresponsible breeder couldn’t sell her. But we were able to change the tale for Flo.


Flo is just one. Lad was another, hit by a car while living on the streets during the pandemic. He suffered multiple fractures to his legs, and needed urgent surgery and ongoing care - which we were determined to give him. More dogs like him, Flo, Duffy and Ru will need help this Christmas. But our income has taken a significant hit, meaning our resources are stretched more than ever. Please give a gift today and remember lost and lonely strays.

 Let’s change the tale for more strays affected by COVID-19 this Christmas


Poor Lad was a stray, seriously injured by car during the pandemic.


Lad arrived with a nasty wound on his thigh, and multiple fractures. Our vets performed vital surgery to fix his injuries, and we placed him in a foster home to recover. He’s made steady progress and after continued medication and hydrotherapy, he will spend Christmas happy and pain-free. Help us mend more dogs like Lad in time for Christmas.

Heavily pregnant Duffy nearly gave birth on the street.


It’s likely she was abandoned because her owners could no longer afford the care for her and her litter. Despite our limited resources, Duffy gave birth to 8 healthy pups in our care. It’s all worth it knowing they will be healthy and happy this Christmas. Give more pregnant dogs a safe place to give birth.

Poorly Ru was a day away from being put to sleep. 


This 9-week-old pup was born with a liver abnormality, requiring specialist treatment and ongoing care. His rescue organisation couldn’t afford his care due to the pandemic. But we were able to step in to give Ru a second chance at life. Help save the life of a dog like Ru this Christmas.


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