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Funding a lifeline for dogs in Ukraine. The families fleeing devastation in Ukraine are making enormous sacrifices to protect and care for their beloved pets, often putting themselves at significant risk.

That’s why we, alongside other animal welfare organisations, are launching UPAW (Ukrainian Pet Association Worldwide) – to provide urgent support to families and their faithful companions in Ukraine.

Paws on the ground 

UPAW will be supporting the dogs and their owners on the ground, by: 

  • Funding and coordinating the efforts on the ground in Ukraine to ensure all who need aid can receive it.   
  • Providing food and other supplies to the animal shelters, vets and individuals who are in desperate need.

Right now, we’re also working with Defra to expand our UK facilities to maximise the number of dogs and families arriving in the UK that we can help, whilst still protecting the dogs in our care and the wider UK dog population.

With your help, we can keep Ukrainian dogs safe and cared for until they can be reunited with their families. 

Please take action and donate today.

Donations raised will go directly to our programmes and partners working with dogs and people in Ukraine or displaced by the war in Ukraine. If we raise more money than these programmes require now or in the foreseeable future, we will seek to allocate the additional amount to other worldwide dog welfare programmes.


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