Dogs Trust

Project UPAW

We’re supporting dogs from Ukraine.

Sadly, thousands of families in Ukraine have lost their homes and livelihoods, and dog owners are going to extraordinary lengths to protect their beloved companions. We care about dogs, no matter where they are from, and felt compelled to help.

Together with other animal welfare organisations, we’ve launched Project UPAW (Ukrainian Pet Association Worldwide). We’re working on the ground in Ukraine to provide care, aid and food, and urgent support to families and their faithful companions. But we had to do more. 

Once dogs from Ukraine set paws on our soil, they must be immediately quarantined to prevent any spread of disease. We repurposed a selection of our vans and kennels into licensed quarantine facilities, where these dogs can live securely in our care.  

Our dedicated quarantine staff have received their rabies vaccinations, been provided with full PPE, and given specific training to care for the dogs from Ukraine. Each dog receives a full vet check-up, essential vaccinations and treatments to ensure they are healthy and comfortable. 

The dogs’ mental wellbeing is also paramount, as they aren’t allowed to leave their kennel during quarantine and will be missing their families. So, our carers have created a bespoke enrichment programme for them, and even learned training cues in Ukrainian to help them feel at home! 

Just like us, these families believe a dog is for life. We will look after them like they are our own, with the aim to provide dogs in danger from Ukraine a safe refuge, until they can be safely reunited with their loving families. 

Any donations will go directly to our programmes and partners working with dogs and people in Ukraine or displaced by the war in Ukraine. If we raise more money than these programmes require now or in the foreseeable future, we will seek to allocate the additional amount to other worldwide dog welfare programmes.

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