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This Christmas, will you help us save lives?

Every day, stray and abandoned dogs are at risk of being put down. Will you help our dog ambulances drive them to safety?

Did you know that we have a fleet of ambulances that drive stray and abandoned dogs, who are at risk of being put to sleep, from local pounds to the safety of our rehoming centres?

Dogs like Jingle.

Abandoned to the streets at 11 years old, Jingle was alone and unable to see due to having cataracts in both eyes. The poor boy must have been so afraid. He was taken in by the local pound but after no one came to collect him, his time was running out.

Pounds are only able to offer temporary care for stray and abandoned dogs, which means that Jingle’s story isn’t unique. He is one of thousands of dogs at risk of being put to sleep every year. Our ambulance service is a lifeline for many of these dogs, collecting them and driving them to the safety of our rehoming centres.

But this year, in the fallout of the pandemic, our dog ambulances have already transported around 50% more dogs, and we expect this demand to continue into the winter months.

That’s why it’s vital that our service keeps running.


This Christmas, will you give a gift to help us drive more dogs to safety?

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Donations will go towards the care of all dogs at Dogs Trust

Driving the extra mile for dogs in need

Our dog ambulance service does more than just save dogs from pounds. Some dogs need rare or specific veterinary treatment, which is only available in certain parts of the country. An increased dog demand has meant a huge rise in puppies being smuggled into the UK from other countries. Our ambulances help the puppies we help at UK borders arrive safely at one of our rehoming centres.

Our drivers, like Steve, hit the road around the clock come rain or shine to be there for the dogs who need us most.

No matter the reason each dog travels in our ambulance, we help them get one step closer to finding their forever home. But we can’t do it without your support.

Your generosity could help fuel one of our ambulance for long, lifesaving drives across the UK.


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