Dogs Trust

COVID-19: Please note that all our rehoming centres are closed until further notice

In line with Government guidelines, our Contact Centre team are working remotely and securely, and are back to running a normal service. If you need any advice or support, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Undergraduate Students

Please note students cannot undertake placements in Dogs Trust rehoming centres and we cannot circulate questionnaires to our staff or others. We also cannot support film/photography/media/advertising/journalism project students who want to interview staff or film in rehoming centres.

Links to relevant materials that may be of useful for student projects can be found below.


  1. Dogs Trust Facts and Figures
  2. Links to key DT webpages and annual reports
  3. Dogs Trust media materials
  4. Links to online information and data (eg associated with papers, data repositories, open access journals etc)
  5. Guidance documents on producing projects/posters
  6. Dogs trust rehoming data [see below]
  7. FAQs [see appendix]


Dogs trust rehoming data

    1. Process for obtaining data (Carys has a flow chart)
    2. Request  
    3. 2 annual closing dates  - Applications open for academic year 2020/2021
        1. 1st May 2020 – October 4th 2020
          1. We review applications and send out 5 co supervisor agreements 5th-9th October
      1. 2nd round Applications open 12th October 2020 – January 31st 2020
        1. We review applications and send out 5 co-supervisor agreements 1st-5th February
      2. Applications then closed until 1st May 2021 (we get some keen early applicants for the next academic year who are usually very good, but they will just have to wait until October when we decide who makes the cut)
    4. Rules/conditions – eg acknowledgements and disclaimers (also about data), logo etc