Canine Welfare Grants

We're very proud to be one of the key distributors of canine research funding in the UK. Find out more about the amazing research our grants have funded, and how to apply for a grant.

Dogs Trust is very proud to be one of the key distributors of canine research funding in the UK and currently funds over 20 individual research projects. Our Canine Welfare Grants programme has been running now for more than 20 years.

Funding research is a vital part of the dog welfare jigsaw, complementing and enhancing the many other important areas in which we work.

Over the years, the Canine Welfare Grant projects have had far reaching impacts on dog welfare, in areas such as cancer, obesity and behaviour, making huge differences to the lives of dogs around the world. 

Since the programme’s launch, CWG projects have expanded our knowledge of dog health and welfare enormously. We have funded numerous projects to date with many success stories along the way:

To be accepted for a Canine Welfare Grant, researchers must be associated with an academic institution and the projects should aim to positively impact dog welfare and have a very clear pathway to impact. Dogs Trust does not offer funding for projects requiring a Home Office licence.

There are two funding models:

  1. The standard application model, which welcomes applications from individual institutions and also across interdisciplinary groups.
  2. A collaborative grants programme to encourage wider collaboration with the Dogs Trust internal research team.

Information on how to apply for a Canine Welfare Grant can be found by emailing our Canine Welfare Grant team.