Puppy acquisition: findings from Generation Pup

The second set of findings from Generation Pup, our groundbreaking study of the health, welfare and behaviour of our dogs throughout their whole lives, was  published in the Veterinary Record scientific journal in August 2020.

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Our findings:

It’s widely recommended by welfare organisations and veterinary bodies that puppies should not leave their mothers until at least eight weeks (56 days) of age. It’s also recommended that when acquiring a puppy, it should be seen with its mother. But we found that:

  • 1 in 4 of the puppies on our study were acquired before 8 weeks of age
  • Around 1 in 12 puppies had been acquired without viewing the puppy’s mother.

(These figures excluded home bred puppies and those acquired from rehoming organisations.)

This suggests that prospective owners may be more aware of the recommendations to view the puppy with its mother than those around the optimal minimum age.

Over time, the Generation Pup study will investigate the effect that acquisition age has on the health and behaviour of dogs throughout their lives.

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