Covid-19 update April 2021: Our rehoming centres are currently closed to the public for general browsing. We’re still rehoming virtually and we’re here to help if you can no longer care for your dog. Please don’t visit, or travel to our centres unless you have already been matched with a dog, or are leaving donations at one of our contact-free drop off points.

Research into practice

Dogs Trust’s Public Affairs Team work in Westminster, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to ensure the welfare of dogs is always taken into consideration by policy makers. We also chair the EU Dog & Cat Alliance, through which we engage with EU policy makers, and call for EU action to build a better Europe for dogs and cats.

The Public Affairs Team work on a number of issues regarding dog welfare in the UK, such as the illegal importation of puppies, the welfare of racing greyhounds, the breeding of dogs, and the online sale of pets.

We have also been lobbying heavily across the UK for a ban on the sale and use of electronic shock collars and working with politicians to raise awareness of the risks that these devices pose to dog welfare. In 2010, Wales led the way by banning the use of electronic collars and, as part of a review of the regulations in 2015, concluded that the animal welfare cost is likely to exceed the benefits from use of electronic collars as training devices, since they may cause pain, effective alternatives exist, and the scope for misuse or abuse is too great. Dogs Trust is urging the Governments in Westminster, Scotland and Northern Ireland to follow in suit of their colleagues in Wales, and to go further by banning the sale and use of further aversive training devices on dogs, including sonic and spray collars.

You can find out more about the Public Affairs Team’s work here.