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Post Graduate University students

    1. General information
      1. Guidance documents on producing projects/posters
      2. FAQs [see appendix]
      3. DT staff
  • Non-collaborative projects using ‘open access’ datasets

We have collated a list of information and data that can be used by anyone (note some datasets are provided as supplementary material with journal papers, and access to the journal may be required).

These are listed [here]. You do not need to contact Dogs Trust to access this list.

      1. Dogs Trust Facts and Figures
      2. Links to key DT webpages and annual reports
      3. Dogs Trust media materials
      4. Links to online information and data (eg associated with papers, data repositories)  

  1. Dogs Trust has several data sets that can be made available to bona fide postgraduate students upon request, provided that certain conditions are met. These include:
  •   [description of each]
  • Something from CMD?
  • Something from UKPDP?
  • other
  • Video footage of dogs for behavioural studies (Naomi?)
  • Link to online T’s&C’s and application form.



    1. open on a rolling acceptance?
    2. Rules/conditions – eg acknowledgements and disclaimers (also about data), logo etc
    3. formalise the process and make it transparent how we choose which projects/students we support.
    4. Data sharing agreements must be in place (except some basic data set(s))
    5. All students must complete the ‘student application form’, and will require their school/institution/supervisor to complete a ‘support form’.


  • Collaborative projects:

Where students/projects require Dogs Trust Research Team staff to be involved in the research (design, conduct, analysis etc) and/or the project requires heavy access to DT resources, such as being part of on-going research projects or physical access to DT dogs.

With collaborative projects, the DT Research team will contribute to the design and running of projects, and the project must comply with DT standards and ethical procedures.

Generally, a member of the DT Research Team must have a supervisory role for the student.

Most frequently, these projects address research questions developed by the DT Research Teams (for list of current research questions, see [here])

A limited number of collaborative projects are available each year.

Closing dates  for applications are dd/mm and dd/mm. We will consider applications at other times if it can be demonstrated that there is a need for this to occur outside our usual application dates.