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Low Cost Neutering

Our subsidised neutering scheme is limited to dog owners with certain breeds of dogs and crosses thereof. The breeds covered are those that are most at risk of overbreeding, abandonment and of being destroyed in the pound system. Our neutering scheme targets these breeds and attempts to deal with the problem. There are already thousands of stray and abandoned dogs in the UK, many of which are needlessly destroyed each year. If owners were to have their dogs neutered, much of this unnecessary suffering could be avoided.

Low Cost Neutering North of England, Northern Ireland, Wales, London 

Our £35 low cost neutering is available to those in receipt of means-tested benefit (Income support; Jobseeker’s Allowance; ESA, Child Tax Credit, Working tax credit; Housing Benefit; Council Tax reduction/ Council tax Support; Universal Credit, Pension Credit or a tenant of the NI Housing Executive) AND if your dog is one of the following listed breeds:

Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Mastiff, Rottweiler, American Bull Dog, Greyhound, Lurcher, Akita, Husky, Malamute, German Shepherd, Samoyed, Jack Russell Terrier, Border Collie and Crossbreeds where the primary breed is identifiable as one of those listed will also be eligible. And if you live in one of the following postcodes:

North of England: BD, CA, DL, DH, DN, HG, HU, LS, NE, S, SR, TD, TS, WF, YO, BB, BL, CH, CW, FY, HD, HX, LA, L, M, OL, PR, SK, ST7, ST8, WA, WN

Wales: CF, NP, SA, LD, LL, SY, CH5, CH6, CH7, CH8, HR (HAY ON WYE)

Northern Ireland: BT

London (1st July 2018-31st December 2018): BR1, BR3-7, CR0, CR2, CR4-8, DA5, DA8, DA14-17, E2-18, E20, E77, EC1A, EC1M-N, EC1P, EC1R, EC1V, EC1Y, EC2A, EC2M-N, EC2P, EC2R, EC2V, EC2Y,EC3A, EC3M-N, EC3P, EC3R, EC3V, EC4A, EC4M-N, EC4P, EC4R, EC4V, EC4Y, EC50, EN1-2, EN4-5, HA0-9, IG1-9, IG11, KT1-9, N1-9, N11-22, NW1-11, NW26, RM1-14, RM50, SE1-28, SM1-7, SW1A, SW1E, SW1H, SW1P, SW1V, SW1W, SW1X, SW1Y, SW2-20, SW95, SW99, TN14, TN16, TW2-4, TW7, TW9-13, UB1-11, UB18, W1-3, W5-14, W1A-D, W1F-H, W1J-K,W1M-N, W1P, W1R-T, W1W-Y, WC99, WC1A-B, WC1E, WC1H, WC1N, WC1R, WC1V, WC1X, WC2A-B, WC2E, WC2N, WC2R

We also offer £35 neutering for dog owners in Wales with a farm holding number, should the dog be of one of the breeds listed above. The dog owner does not need to be in receipt of means tested benefit. 

If you qualify under the scheme you will need to book the appointment with a participating vet and simply take along proof of benefit and photo ID (or two forms of other ID) when you attend your veterinary appointment. The vet will charge you £35 and the rest of the cost will be settled by the vet with Dogs Trust.

Please note – Our subsidised neutering scheme does not cover keyhole spays.

Those that live in one of our qualifying postcodes with a breed of dog listed above and that are in receipt of another type of benefit, can make an application for help by writing in to our head office. They will need to explain their situation in full, include their breed of dog, and enclose proof of benefit and a copy of their ID. All decisions regarding these applications are made on a case by case basis.

The address to write to us is:

Campaigns Department
Dogs Trust
17 Wakley Street

To find your nearest participating vet please use the map below, or call our neutering hotline number 0333 202 1148.

Low Cost Neutering in Scotland

 We also offer low cost neutering in Scotland to those in receipt of means tested benefits and with a dog on the breed list above. Please note that due to this being a new scheme availability of participating vets is limited. To find your nearest participating vet check our interactive map below or call our neutering hotline on 0333 202 1148.