Outreach projects

 Freedom Project

Research indicates a strong link between animal abuse and domestic violence, with men who are violent to women often threatening or harming a pet in order to intimidate their partner. Families fleeing domestic violence are usually unable to take their pets with them into a refuge or temporary accommodation, so in many cases they are reluctant to leave their home until they know there is somewhere safe for their pets.  Dogs Trust, alongside other pets fostering services in the UK, offers a solution.

The Dogs Trust Freedom Project is a free fostering service for dogs belonging to families fleeing from domestic violence. This service was established in 2004 in Greater London and to date has placed over 1100 pets. Together, we can help families flee domestic violence by providing free care for their dogs and knowledge that their pet is somewhere safe until they are ready to reunited. Find out more

 Hope Project

Dogs Trust has been supporting dog owners who are homeless or in housing crisis for more than 20 years.

The bond between any dog and owner is a strong one, but for homeless people their dog is often their main companion. For a lot of people, being able to stay with their dog is incredibly important, which is why Dogs Trust set up the Hope Project. We offer advice to homeless dog owners and free veterinary care for their dogs, as well as advice to hostels on accepting dogs. Find out more

 Lets With Pets

Lets with Pets was set up by Dogs Trust in 2009 to encourage landlords and letting agencies to accept tenants with pets, and to make the house hunting process easier for pet owners.

Letting agencies who take this approach will increase their stake in the rental market as they ultimately attract more tenants looking for homes with their pets. After all, 48% of the population currently owns a pet (PFMA). Find out more

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