How your support makes a difference

Philanthropic donations enable us to deliver on life changing projects for dogs and their owners.

A chihuahua stood next to daffodils in a garden

Thanks to philanthropic donations from individuals, trusts and foundations and corporate partners, we're able to deliver life-changing projects that have a tangible and direct impact on the lives and welfare of dogs across Britain and beyond. 

Casper playing outside

We're here for dogs

With more dogs coming into our care, it is vital to ensure our centres are fit for purpose, that our rehoming model is efficient and effective and that we find innovative ways of caring for a greater number of dogs, through the expansion of our foster scheme. 

Your support will ensure we can give every dog in our care the love and support they need to get back on their paws and into their forever homes as quickly as possible. 

Find out what we're doing for generations of dogs to come.

owner sitting on armchair with dog on their lap

We're here for dog owners 

Our vital support services are here for dogs and their owners when they need us most. We ensure that all owners have access to quality training and behavioural support through Dog School.

We know how special the bond between a dog and their family is. We help owners and dogs stay together during their time of greatest need through our outreach work such as our Hope and Freedom projects. 

A dog laying in the sun as part of our international work

We're here for dogs around the world 

We're making tomorrow's world a better place for all dogs, and the support of our philanthropic donors is fundamental to this aim.

Through the life-changing work of our sister organisation Dogs Trust Worldwide, we're able to share our knowledge and expertise, making positive and sustainable changes to dog welfare. 

Our mission is to collaborate far and wide to change attitudes and behaviours, introduce sustainable and humane population management practices, work towards permanently eradicating canine-mediated rabies and raise dog welfare standards globally. 

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