Covid-19 update: Our rehoming centres aren’t open for public browsing but we’re still rehoming and taking in dogs, with social distancing measures in place to keep our staff and adopters safe.

Case study

Case studies

Philanthropists and Trusts join us from all walks of life and with different motivations to fund our work.

Whether philanthropists want to fund refurbishment of their local rehoming centre or an Education Officer, we are truly grateful to our supporters for what we have achieved so far. Below are just a couple of examples of how philanthropists have supported Dogs Trust, and ways in which you can get involved.

Refurbishing Dogs Trust Ilfracombe rehoming centre

 In 2012, our Ilfracombe Rehoming Centre underwent 17 months of a vital £2.1 million refurbishment. This project used our years of experience in dog behaviour and training to introduce new, state-of-the-art kennels and training and behaviour facilities to create a comfortable environment for dogs waiting for their forever homes. This huge refurbishment would not have been possible without the generosity and support of three donors in particular. Through their love of dogs and commitment to educating the public about canine welfare and responsible dog ownership, our special donors gave significant amounts to see that their local rehoming centre was refurbished to the highest possible standards.

Throughout the refurbishment, our then Chief Executive, Clarissa Baldwin, continuously wrote to each donor with updates on the design and building of the new centre. Due to the incredible donation amount, we were able to thank the donors by putting plaques in place at the centre to commemorate their generous gifts. Once the work was completed, the donors were invited to attend the official opening, and continue to attend Special Supporter days as well as receiving regular updates from the Centre Manager to maintain an extra special relationship.

Raising awareness of canine welfare

 In September 2008, a long-term supporter of Dogs Trust came to us with an extremely generous donation to fund an Education Officer for four years at Dogs Trust Leeds. In light of their own background in education and as an advocate of animal welfare, the supporter believed that funding a Dogs Trust Education Officer would make a significant difference in teaching young and older generations about responsible dog ownership and canine welfare.

Just one Education Officer can reach out to around 8,000 local children and communities each year, teaching them how to be safe around dogs and learn about the commitment involved in being a dog owner.

We regularly keep in touch with this donor with letters, photos and various updates, as well as supplying information on other Dogs Trust projects around the UK and internationally. In addition to this, the Education Officer regularly contacts the donor with stories on how their work has directly made a difference to changing attitudes around canine welfare.

“I think your education programme is vital to the long term management of all dogs well-being. Ignorance and fear are so often the cause of cruelty and neglect.”
Donor of Education Officer, Dogs Trust Leeds

For more information about making a personal donation, please contact the Philanthropy Team, or Andy Howell if you would like to donate through your Trust or Foundation.