Teach your dog to run through a tunnel

Would you like to teach your dog a new trick? Here's how to train them to run through a tunnel.

Adult terrier, outside, running in the sand, on a summer's day.

Teaching your dog to go through an agility tunnel is great for your dog’s confidence and suppleness. Just make sure you’ve got a box your dog can easily fit through. You can always turn a box sideways if that makes it easier for them. Young, agile dogs can also learn to creep through.

All you need to get started is a large cardboard box and lots of your dog’s favourite treats. Once your dog's mastered the trick, you can use a longer tunnel like a dog agility tunnel.

Dog agility tunnel training

Make a dog tunnel

Create a tunnel from your large cardboard box for your dog to go through. You can do this by opening up the bottom. To provide extra support to your box, prop up two dining chairs on either side.

Treats at the ready

Make a trail of treats from one side of the box to the other and see if your dog will follow the trail through the box. If your dog is a little apprehensive at first, take it slowly and give them lots of encouragement using treats and praise. Once your dog is through the …

Reduce the number of treats

Reduce the number of treats you’re luring them with and keep repeating.

Add visual cue

Continue to repeat, but this time add a visual cue, like a ‘come here’ gesture with both hands. This visual cue should be unique to this particular action.

Add verbal cue

Then you can add a verbal cue too, like ‘Tunnel’. Carry on repeating.

Always make sure your dog is happy going through the tunnel. If they don’t appear to be comfortable, stop playing and try again another day. Find out more about how to read your dog’s body language to ensure they’re happy and comfortable.

Extra training and tricks

Advanced training techniques for your pooch pal

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