How to teach your dog to read

Are you looking for a new trick to teach your dog? Why not help them learn to read with this step-by-step guide.

Adult trailhound, outside, sticking tongue out.

We all know dogs are intelligent, but you can really impress your friends by teaching your dog how to read. To get started, you’ll need two boxes and some of your dog’s favourite treats. If your dog is more motivated by toys, use their favourite toy instead.

Training your dog to read

Choose the words you want your dog to read

The words we've chosen are ‘Amazon’ and ‘Fetch’. If your dog already associates ‘Fetch’ with the game of fetch in the park, then use a different word.

Write your chosen words on the boxes.

Use treats

Place one of the boxes on the ground at a slight distance. Throw a treat towards the box, and say the word on the box at the same time.

Then call your dog back towards you and keep repeating.

Use gestures

Next, pretend to throw the treat towards the box, but don’t actually throw it this time – simply gesture your hand and arm towards the box. As soon as your dog gets there, throw the reward. Repeat.

Introduce your second word

Now your pup has learnt to read one word, introduce the next word in a different location with the same steps as before.

Phase out the arm signals

Once your dog is used to going towards one box for that word and the other for the other word, you can begin to phase out the arm signals.

Show off your dog’s new trick

Have fun and show off your pup’s new skills! Always reward your pooch for getting it right with lots of praise and a treat or a play with their toy.

If you’re looking for other tricks to teach your dog?

Extra training and tricks

Advanced training techniques for your pooch pal

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